Business Plans

Fixed Wireless Plans

Professional Plan: Work from home. This plan provides faster upload speeds than the other residential plans.

  • Speed (download/upload):

    up to 15-Mb/5-Mb
  • Cost:

Business Plan: Business Internet providing higher capacity and the same speed in both directions. Businesses may need more outgoing bandwidth for activities such as cloud systems, VPN, and backups.
  • Speed (download/upload):

    up to 20-Mb/20-Mb
  • Cost:


Fixed Wireless Installation

Term Cost Description
2 year (24 months) $50 Requires a 2 year commitment (or 24 monthly payments)
1 year (12 months) $100 Requires a 1 year commitment (or 12 monthly payments)
No commitment $200 Requires no commitment (month-by-month)

Satellite Plans

Satellite Business Internet Service
  • Speed (download/upload):

    up to 15-Mb / 4-Mb
  • Cost:

  • Monthly Data Cap:

    30-GB + 30-GB
    • Peak Data Allowance: 30-GB from 8am to 3am
    • Early Morning Data Zone: 30-GB from 3am to 8am
    • Persistent IP Address (i.e. static IP)

Satellite Installation

Term Cost Description
Standard Install $99.99 Covers installation of satellite and will require monthly payments of $10 equiptment lease
Pre-paid Equiptment Lease + Standard Install $199.99 Covers installation plus first 24 months of equiptment lease ($40 savings over monthly fee)
Month-by-month equiptment lease $9.99 Each month of service