Residential Plans

Fixed Wireless Plans

Basic Plan: Good for checking email and light web browsing.

  • Speed (download/upload):

    up to 1-Mb / 512-Kb
  • Cost:

    $19.95 / month
Traditional Plan: Good for watching videos, such as YouTube and Netflix movies.

  • Speed (download/upload):

    up to 15-Mb / 3-Mb
  • Cost:

    $69.95 / month
Broadband Plan: For multiple people using the Internet at the same time, such as watching a couple of movies.
  • Speed (download/upload):

    up to 25-Mb / 3-Mb
  • Cost:

    $89.95 / month

Fixed Wireless Installation

Term Cost Description
Standard Installation $99.99 Requires a 1 year commitment (or 12 monthly payments)
Custom Installation We will give you an estimate for any special work above the standard installation.
No commitment Installation $149.99 Add $10 to the monthly price.

Satellite Plans

For information about satellite Internet plans
Call 260-488-6363 or email support@allianceinternet.net